Experience the Healing Love of God

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Experience Healing Love of God

Experience Healing Love of God

Theme:  Come — All you who labor and are heavy burdened
and soak in the Presence of the Lord.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Worship time, Mass and prayers for healing celebrated with Fr. Larry Carew and Fr. Bryan Ochs.  Prayer teams will also be available.  Father Carew shares amazing stories of God’s miraculous love at work in His people today.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fr. Carew will also be leading an Inner Healing Retreat.

Fr. Larry Carew comes to us from Trumbull Connecticut.  He was originally drawn to the Franciscan order, but later called into diocesan ministry and has been serving God’s people for almost 51 years.  He is retired from parish ministry and spends much of his time serving those incarcerated and leading teams in prison ministry.  Fr. Carew wrote an Inner Healing Retreat for inmates, that are used in more than 130 prisons throughout the country.  Understanding the need for all people to experience inner healing, he travels the nation sharing his insight impacting lives for Christ.  He is the liaison for Charismatic Renewal in the Bridgeport diocese and has been involved in prayer group leadership since the 70’s.

Snacks will be provided for the retreat. There are plenty of places close by to get lunch or you can bring a sack lunch.