ICCRS Leadership Formation Institute

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ICCRS Leadership Formation Institute

ICCRS Leadership Formation Institute

“The things we have heard and understood, the things our fathers have told us we will not hide from their children but will tell them to the next generation: the glories of the Lord and his might and the marvelous deeds he has done”.         Psalm 78: 3-4

ICCRS offers its VIII Leadership Formation Institute programme.  Classes include studies in Scripture, Ecclesiology, Pneumatology, Marology, Kerygma, CCR, Leadership and Ministry. Students will be offered practical teaching and workshops on various aspects of the ministry within CCR. In addition, the students will go on several field trips in the eternal city of Rome.

Participation requirements
In order to participate, you should be a leader (or a future leader) of a prayer group or a community in Catholic Charismatic Renewal willing to further grow in leadership. Obtain a recommendation letter from the NSC of your country or from the leaders of your community as well as a letter from your parish priest or spiritual director.

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