Jesus: Hope of the World — 40th Annual SCRC Catholic Renewal Convention

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Overview of the SCRC Convention:SCRC 40th Annual Convention

The SCRC Catholic Renewal Convention seeks to fulfill the promise of the Charismatic Renewal and provide an atmosphere that is energized by unified praise and worship, solid Catholic teaching, and powerful prayer, while inviting the Holy Spirit to be present.

The guest speakers often note a personal in-filling of the Holy Spirit as they give their presentations. As a result, their teachings even more poignantly pierce the hearts of the listeners in the way that the Spirit intends for each. The liturgies seem to become more alive with even deeper meaning when coupled with all these other elements. The opportunities for prayer ministry provide a connection with God’s healing touch that is life changing.

With such a welcoming of the Spirit, there is always a sweeping, loving and healing response upon every open heart, according to each person’s need. At the close of the Convention, it is often heard, time and time again, that the hearts and minds of the people have been brought to a new level of faith, hope and peace that they never, ever expected to achieve in this lifetime. It’s truly a taste of heaven on earth. Pope Francis as well as our last three popes — Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Paul VI — have strongly endorsed the Charismatic Renewal as being a precious resource for the life of the Church.

The 2019 SCRC Convention provides a choice of programs: Regular Talks, a special Christ Triumphant spiritual warfare track, Teen Conference, Children’s Program, Spanish Conference, Priest Day, and other special programs. Many run concurrently and offer a wide variety for different ages and interests. For Regular and special track ticket holders, a registrant will attend a talk during each of 10 sessions spread out over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Each talk has a speaker (sometimes two) who will discuss the announced topic, as well as musicians and singers who will provide music ministry. Every evening there is a large liturgy in the Arena. On Saturday night there is a Mass and healing service, which is free and open to the public.


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