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What began to be a Life in the Spirit Seminar at St Anne’s in Gresham is quickly becoming an area wide or regional LIS.  Which actually makes a lot of sense, since most of our prayer groups are small.  The idea is to invite anyone you know who might be interested in the Charismatic Renewal, and then we will encourage them to go to your prayer group or one close to you if you do not belong to a prayer group after the Seminar.   It is based on Fr. Dave Pivonka’s video series, “The Wild Goose is Loose”.

If you have not attended a LIS for a while, this is an opportunity to take advantage of this grace and to strengthen our resolve that Jesus Christ is LORD to the Glory of the Father.

I believe that God is on the move.  He is leading us as a church to repentance, forgiveness and healing.  The more people we can bring into the Renewal the more glory we give to God.  He is always faithful to us, pursues us, wants us for his own.  Since our baptism we have had the Holy Spirit.  But before our Baptism in the Holy Spirit, did he really have us??  Not in my case.  It is the Renewal’s way of evangelizing.  Please pray for our success on December 1.  The enemy is already at work trying to stop this seminar or lesson its value.  We really need your prayers and anyone you can send to us for the day.

God Bless you and thank you for all your help.

All are welcome.  We will see five short videos about the need to have a stronger relationship with the Holy Spirit, third Person in the Trinity.  The videos are part of an excellent 14 episode series produced by Fr. Dave Pivonka (Note:  This is the same Fr. Pivonka who will be with us on June 1, at St John the Apostle in Oregon City, for an all-day seminar).

Many Popes, including Popes Benedict and Francis, recommend the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a way to strengthen our faith and serve our Church. Come and See. 

Please bring a lunch with you.  There will be snacks, coffee and tea provided. The seminar is in the Parish Center, Rooms 1 and 2.

Here is a flyer for the LIS seminar:


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