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Day of Renewal

Newsletter: The WOCCR Team is proud to announce a Fall Day of Renewal with Auxiliary Bishop Peter Smith, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. On October 19, 2019, the Day of Renewal will be held at Our Lady of the Lake Parish Center, at 650 “A” Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR. The theme of the day is “Build Unity in the Power of the Holy Spirit.”

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Report: Fr. Privonka’s “Encounter Jesus in the Power of the Spirit”

Newsletter: On June 1, 2019, Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR came to Portland, OR with the message that "God Loves Us." Now we already know that, but Fr. Dave showed us how that affects us personally. For instance, we all know that we are adopted children of God. However, did you know that because you are adopted that makes you special? Much more so than a natural child. In the 1st century, a parent could do anything they wanted to a natural child; they could expose them after birth (abortion) they could send them to an orphanage, sell them or keep them. But an adopted child could not be abused in any way. Their reasoning was that they did not have a choice about natural children, but when you adopt a child, you do something on purpose -- something that you want -- and once you’ve signed on the bottom line, you can never go back. Our Father chose us on purpose to be his children and he will never let us go.

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Encounter Jesus in the Power of the Spirit

Newsletter: The WOCCR Team is proud to announce that Fr. Dave Pivonka will be coming to Oregon City, OR on June 1st to give a series of talks titled: “Encounter Jesus in the Power of the Spirit”. Please save the date and plan to attend this regional charismatic event. We are also very happy to announce that Dina Marie Hale former Program Director and Morning Show host for KBVM now Mater Dei radio will be our Master of Ceremonies

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New Members for the WOCCR Team

Newsletter: I first would like to thank Mike Dorthalina, Jay D’Souza and Yvonne Krill, who resigned this year, for their gifted and very important service to the WOCCR Service Team, through the years. I want to introduce and welcome our new members: -- Felix Barba from St John the Apostle in Oregon City, OR. -- Patty Rydquist from St Patrick’s in Canby, OR. -- Catherine Van and Danny Truong from Our Lady of Lavang in Portland, OR. -- Angie Price from Our Lady of the Lake in Lake Oswego, OR. -- Terry Heaton from St Thomas Aquinas in Camas, WA.

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WOCCR Team Announces Website 3.0

Newsletter: The WOCCR Team is pleased to announce the release of Website 2.0. This is great news as we begin 2019. 1) Our existing website has received nearly 6,000 visitors, from many locations around the world. Thanks to all who have visited our site. 2) The updated WOCCR.org website now includes a number of new features: * We added a navigation “sidebar” to each page, etc.

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