Liturgical Year

Daniel Fast

Newsletter: Glory to God who is all good and deserving of all our love and praise. We are in his hands and he is in control. All we have to do is seek his face and everything will fall into place in his time. The pandemic and the riots will pass. Nothing is permanent in this life but God. Most of us are staying home and out of harm’s way due to age or health.  It is a perfect time to be enriching our lives with online LIS seminars, daily you tube videos, live streaming conferences and prayer meetings via Go to Meeting.com, Zoom.com, FreeConferencecall.com, etc. Another great practice is to perform a Daniel Fast.

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Eulogy — Caroline Doering

Newsletter: It is with much sorrow that I have to tell you that our beloved friend of so many years has gone home to the Lord.  She will ever be remembered as a Holy, Godly person who never met an anyone she didn’t love, mentor, teach, pastor and support. I was no exception. She picked me up at my first Life in the Spirit Seminar (LIS) at St Henry’s in Gresham, OR, in 1989. She was part of the Core Team putting this LIS on and not even really knowing me, charged me with heading up the music ministry for an upcoming Healing Mass. I had been in choirs most of my life but never as a cantor. She absolutely assured me that I could do it. That was how it began.

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COVID-19 Changes Plans

Newsletter: Because of the Pandemic, people are having to do things a little differently.  This can be a real gift, if you look at that way. For instance, many of our prayer groups are very small -- too small really, to be able to conduct a Life in the Spirit (LIS) seminar without help. The Ark and the Dove Retreat Center (where the Catholic Charismatic Renewal began in 1967), is offering an online LIS for free, beginning May 24, 2020. It will not be lived streamed but recorded and put on their website (YouTube and Facebook).

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Coronavirus Changes

Newsletter: Have you ever had a project to do and kept putting it off because you didn’t know what to say or how to do it? And then months later, something happens, and you realize that it just wasn’t time to do that project. It was a God thing. Well that is what this information letter turned out to be. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic there are things we cannot do to remain safe. There are also many services being cancelled, temporarily. If you have not seen it, I am enclosing a letter from Archbishop Sample, dated April 4, 2020.

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