Each Life in the Spirit (LIS) seminar has a goal of offering evangelization to the members of the parish. The time spent on the seminar will have the benefit helping each person on their personal journey and relationship with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. Those attending will experience the power of the Holy Spirit working within them. Retreatants often experience an opening of the Scriptures in a new and dynamic way. The participants will be better equipped to use the Gifts bestowed on them at their Sacramental Baptism.
Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal

“Participants in the Charismatic Renewal are in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. They not only speak of Jesus as someone who lived over two thousand years ago, they speak of Jesus as someone who is alive today—because He is! They affirm that the same charisms, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which empowered the early Church, are still available to every believer.”
– Pope Francis
Address of Pope Francis to the Charismatic Renewal Conference in Rome, Pentecost 2014

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