Here is a list of numerous sources that will help you to grow in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  Enjoy!

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Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, a Franciscan priest, has developed with the Wild Goose Ministry, several series on the Holy Spirit and Conversion.  You can learn more about the Ministry and Fr. Dave at this link.  Here are some of the major offerings:

“The Wild Goose is Loose”

“The Wild Goose series is truly a work of the Holy Spirit.  ‘Wild Goose’ was a term that the ancient Celts had for the Holy Spirit.  It is a 14 part series featuring Fr. Dave Pivonka and various interviews.  

Shot in various locations from Niagara Falls to the California desert, The Wild Goose invites viewers to an encounter, or a renewed encounter, with the Holy Spirit.  

The entire series is available for free on WILDGOOSE.TV or if you prefer you can purchase the DVD set as well.”


Metanoia contains 10, half hour episodes shot in locations all throughout the Holy Land. The audience will be able to encounter the Lord in the settings of some of the holiest sights in the world. Metanoia is a spiritual journey through the places where Jesus physically taught His Church the meaning and the way of metanoia.

Metanoia is a transformation of the heart, a spiritual conversion, which comes about through repentance. This conversion may be in how we see Jesus, the Father, our self, and  others. This eleven part follow-up series to The Wild Goose focuses on eight different areas that invite us to a deeper metanoia of who Jesus is and how He desires us to know Him. When one views this series, the viewer will have a much broader understanding of Jesus’ message.

Metanoia is a production of The Ministry of The Wild Goose and 4PM Media in association with Franciscan University of Steubenville and the Franciscan Friars TOR of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The series is beautifully filmed on location in the Holy Land, highlighting sacred places such as the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan, the desert of Temptations, and many of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

This 10-part series featuring Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, President of Franciscan University and founder of The Ministry of the Wild Goose, leads us on a journey with Christ into conversion. Each of the episodes explores areas of our life where conversion is so often necessary.  Metanoia will examine topics such as who is Jesus, what must we do to inherit eternal life, and many other significant matters of faith.  With preaching from Fr. Dave as well as personal testimonies from men and women, young and old, religious and lay, their stories will inspire you to seek to encounter Jesus and the new life he is constantly inviting us to.

Join us for the most important journey of our lives, a journey of grace, hope, repentance, and transformation. Do not delay, “This is the time of fulfillment.  The kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent, and believe in the Gospel. Mk 1:15

There are several other presentations that may be of interest on this website.  When you select some of the video series, you may have an opportunity to download a study guide.  Please note that you will have to sign into this website.  It offers two different means to view the videos: 1) free with registration and 2) registration with a donation.

The CCR renewal in New Orleans has collected a wide variety of videos on their website.  We invite you to check them out at this link:  Charismatic Videos

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Spiritual Documents

  • “New American Bible, Revised Edition” (NABRE), 2011, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Oxford University Press, USA, 1,504 pages.
  • “Catechism of the Catholic Church: Second Edition”, 2000, United States Catholic Conference, Inc. Washington D.C., 904 pages.
  • “Vatican Council II: The Basic Sixteen Documents”, 1996, Costello Publishing Company, Inc. Northport, NY, USA, 610 pages.
New American Bible, Revised Edition

Recommended Reads

  • Boucher, John and Therese, “An Introduction to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal”, 2023, Servant Books/Franciscan Media, 80 pages.
  • Dreyer, Elizabeth A., “Holy Power, Holy Presence: Rediscovering Medieval Metaphors for the Holy Spirit”, 2007, Paulist Press, Mahwah, NJ, 352 pages.
  • Gergen, Donald J., OP, “Fire of Love: Encountering the Holy Spirt”, 2006, Paulist Press, Mahwah, NJ. 240 pages.
  • Hauser, Richard J., SJ, “In His Spirit: A Guide to Today’s Spirituality”, 1982, Paulist Press, Mahwah, NJ, 144 pages.
  • Hauser, Richard J., SJ, “Moving in the Spirit: Becoming a Contemplatin in Action”, 1983, Paulist Press, Mahwah, NJ, 112 pages.
  • MacNutt, Francis, PhD, “Deliverance from Evil Spirits”, 1995, Chosen Books, Grand Rapids, MI, 288 pages.
  • MacNutt, Francis, PhD, “Healing”,  1974, 1999, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN, 268 pages.
  • MacNutt, Francis, PhD, “The Power to Heal”, 1977, Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN, 254 pages.
  • Mansfield, Patti Gallagher, “As by a New Pentecost: The Dramatic Beginning of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal”, 1992, Franciscan University Press, 179 pages.
  • Mansfield, Patti Gallagher, “As by a New Pentecost“, 1992, Franciscan University Press, Steubenville, OH, 179 pages.
  • Mansfield, Patti Gallagher, “As by a New Pentecost: Golden Jubilee Edition”, 2016, Amor Deus Publishing, Phoenix, AZ, 316 pages.
  • McDonnell, Kilian and Montague, George T., “Christian Initiation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Evidence from the First Eight Centuries”, Second Revised Edition, 1994, The Liturgical Press, Collegeville MN, 396 pages.
  • Pivonka, Fr. Dave, “Breath of God — Living a Life led by the Holy Spirit”, 2015, Ave Marie Press, South Bend, IN, 161 pages.
  • Pope Francis, “Walking with Jesus: A Way Forward for the Church”, 2015, Loyola Press, Chicago, IL, 160 pages.
  • Suenens, Cardinal Leon Joseph, “A New Pentecost?”, 1975, Seabury Press New York, NY, 10017, 239 pages.

Pope Francis gave a Pentecost Vigil speech to an ecumenical audience on May 22, 2021.  It was titled: “The Holy Spirit Changes us so We can Change the World.” The Vatican News Service provided a summary of the speech.

To Catholic Charismatic Renewal:

“In the Malines Documents, you have a guide, a reliable path to keep you from going astray.”
— Pope Francis
June 1, 2014 – Olympic Stadium, Rome

The  Marines Documents are taken from a workshop presented by Fr. Wilfried Brieven, longtime secretary to Cardinal Leon Jozef Suenens, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Renewal, 2017.
Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal (WWCCR)

Please click on the link to the WWCCR web page for information on these documents.

Book and Glasses

Archdiocesan Charismatic Newsletters

Fr. Peter Smith served as the Archbishop’s Liaison for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese of Portland, OR, from 2009 – 2013.  During that time, he wrote a series of “Newsletters” that provided valuable insights into the work of the Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese and in the world.

Shortly after that assignment, he was ordained as Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of Portland on April 29, 2014, by the Most Reverend Archbishop Alexander K. Sample in Portland, Oregon.

On 8 December 8, 2018, the Vatican’s Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life instituted a new unified service for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  This service is called CHARIS, an acronym for Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service.  Shortly thereafter, Bishop Peter Smith was appointed as CHARIS International Representative for North America and the Caribbean (English and French Speaking).

Note: All of these Newsletter’s are in Adobe “pdf” file format.

Bishop Peter Smith

Bishop Peter Smith, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon

Here are the “New Life in the Spirit” newsletters for this Liturgical Year.

Here are the “New Life in the Spirit” newsletters for this Liturgical Year.

Here are the “New Life in the Spirit” newsletters for this Liturgical Year.

Here are the “New Life in the Spirit” newsletters for this Liturgical Year.

Here are the “New Life in the Spirit” newsletters for this Liturgical Year.