Anointed for ServiceThe short answer to this question is “we are anointed to serve God, His people and His Church.”

Pope Francis spoke to this topic in his May 23, 2021 Pentecost homily, to an ecumenical audience.

Look at the apostles: they were alone that morning, alone and bewildered, cowering behind closed doors, living in fear and overwhelmed by their weaknesses, failings and their sins, for they had denied Christ. The years they had spent with Jesus had not changed them: they were no different than they had been. Then, they received the Spirit and everything changed: the problems and failings remained, yet they were no longer afraid of them, nor of any who would be hostile to them. They sensed comfort within and they wanted to overflow with the comfort of God. Before, they were fearful; now their only fear was that of not testifying to the love they had received. Jesus had foretold this: “[The Spirit] will testify on my behalf; you also are to testify” (Jn 15:26-27).

Let us go another step. We too are called to testify in the Holy Spirit, to become paracletes, comforters. The Spirit is asking us to embody the comfort he brings. How can we do this? Not by making great speeches, but by drawing near to others. Not with trite words, but with prayer and closeness. Let us remember that closeness, compassion and tenderness are God’s “trademark”, always.

. . .

Holy Spirit, Paraclete Spirit, comfort our hearts. Make us missionaries of your comfort, paracletes of your mercy before the world. Our Advocate, sweet counsellor of the soul, make us witnesses of the “today” of God, prophets of unity for the Church and humanity, and apostles grounded in your grace, which creates and renews all things. Amen.
Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis, St. Peter’s Basilica, Solemnity of Pentecost, Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Vatican News Service reported on Pope Francis the day before Pentecost, in an article titled: “Pope to CHARIS Pentecost vigil: Holy Spirit changes us so we can change the world.”
Vatican News Service