WOCCR Website Redesigned

Dear Friends in the Charismatic Renewal, may you all have a Blessed and Happy New Year.

WOCCR Team Announces Website 2.0

We have great news as we begin 2019:

1) Our existing website has received nearly 6,000 visitors, from many locations around the world. Thanks to all who have visited our site.

2) The WOCCR Team is pleased to announce the development of our website 2.0. It includes a number of enhancements and new features for our visitors. Some of the most significant changes are:

  • We added a navigation “sidebar” to each page under the menu topic “Holy Spirit” and “Charismatic Renewal Icon for the InternetThis will make it easier for you to navigate from one topic to another.  It also serves as an outline for all the topics under each of these menu options.
  • Menu > Charismatic Renewal > Life in the Spirit:  This is a new page on the Life in the Spirit seminar.  It provides a detailed description of what a Life in the Spirit seminar is all about.
  • Menu > Charismatic Renewal > Testimony — Fr. Sciberras:  Fr. Paul Sciberras’ provides a first hand description of his experience with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • Menu > Charismatic Renewal > Popes Speak to the Renewal: We have significantly revised this page to include a brief biography of each of the Popes cited and the full text of their speech to charismatic leaders over the past 40 years.
  • Menu > Events:  A “sidebar” is now included on this page that contains a listing of the “featured” events.
  • Menu > Resources:  We added the prayer “Veni Creator Spiritus” and the text of four encyclicals written by several Popes on the Holy Spirit.  These documents provide a description of the Church’ understanding of the Holy Spirit, over the past 120 years.
  • Menu > Forum:  This set of pages was deactivated, due to the lack of use. It was an experiment that did not live up to its’ potential.  It can be revived in the future, if there is a need.
  • Posts:  If you select a post on the “Home” page, it will take you to a page with the full text.  That page now includes sidebars that provide access to all other posts as well as a way to access the “Posts” by category.
  • On the software side, we converted the underlying theme to a newer, more stable theme.  This provides not only for greater stability, but it will also serve as a strong foundation for any new capabilities that we will want to add in the future.

If you have comments about this website or the changes that we have made in Version 2.0, please send your thoughts to the WOCCR Team using the email link shown at the bottom of each page.

We hope that you will like these new features and that they enhance your use and enjoyment of this website. Even more importantly, we hope that this resource on the Charismatic Movement within the Catholic Church will touch your life and draw you closer to the Holy Spirit and Jesus, this new year.

May the Lord bless you, guide you and  keep you safe at all times.