WOCCR Website Redesigned

WOCCR Website Redesign

WOCCR website redesigned!

The Western Oregon Catholic Charismatic Renewal is proud to announce completion of our redesigned and updated website. Here is a list of many enhancements:

  • Refreshed and updated overall design, using the latest available web tools.
  • Added a Tag line below the title on each page.
  • Revised and expanded the contents on all pages.
  • Added links within the text of most pages, so you can cross reference topics.
  • Updated Menu design for easier navigation throughout the website.
  • Added space on the Home page for you to give testimony about the Renewal.
  • New format for Newsletters and Events on the Home page.
  • Significantly expanded Resources section to provide more information.
  • Added a Newsletters page, so you can access all pervious editions.
  • Added new graphic images throughout the website, to enhance content.
  • Added new capability for you to schedule different types of local events.
  • Added a new Page for Questions and Answers (Q & A’s).
  • Restored the capability for you to make Donations.
  • Added links to bottom of each page that enable you to sign up for Newsletters and to Volunteer.

This project was not possible without the prompting of the Holy Spirit and assistance from the WOCCR Team. I also want to thank Kathleen Ardner (owner of beMORR Multimedia Design) for her technical advise and assistance.

We hope that you enjoy the new design. If you have any comments or questions, please send them to support@woccr.org.