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Jack has served as the Webmaster for the Western Oregon Catholic Charismatic Renewal for over fifteen years. The initial site was coded in HTML. In March 2017, the WOCCR Team developed Version 1.0 of our website at a new web address -- WOCCR.org. In January 2019, we introduced Version 2.0 with enhanced capabilities for our visitors. 2023 brought a complete redesign of the website along with the addition of a lot of new materials.

WOCCR Website Redesigned

The Western Oregon Catholic Charismatic Renewal is proud to announce completion of our redesigned and updated website. Here is a list of many enhancements: Refreshed and updated overall design, using the latest available web tools. Added a Tag line below the title on each page. Added links within the text of most pages, so you can cross reference topics. Updated Menu design for easier navigation throughout the website. Added space on the Home page for you to give testimony about the Renewal. Significantly expanded Resources section to provide more information. Added a Newsletters page, so you can access all pervious editions. Added a new Page for Questions and Answers (Q & A’s). Restored the capability for you to make Donations. And much more.

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WOCCR Team Announces Website 3.0

Newsletter: The WOCCR Team is pleased to announce the release of Website 2.0. This is great news as we begin 2019. 1) Our existing website has received nearly 6,000 visitors, from many locations around the world. Thanks to all who have visited our site. 2) The updated WOCCR.org website now includes a number of new features: * We added a navigation “sidebar” to each page, etc.

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Planned Events

Newsletter: This year we have three events planned: 1) The first is in Vancouver, WA at St Joseph’s on May 25. We are very pleased that Fr. Justus Kiiza has accepted our invitation to celebrate a healing Mass with us beginning at 7:00 p.m.; 2) Fr. Bill Adams from Huntington Beach California will be our Presenter at a Day of Renewal on July 14th, at Our Lady of the Lake Parish Center, in Lake Oswego, OR from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; and 3) On October 27,  Fr. Tim Furlow from St Mary’s Cathedral will be celebrating a healing Mass for us beginning at 7:30 pm at the Cathedral. Dave Bentz will provide the music.

Address of His Holiness Pope Francis at the Golden Jubilee

Newsletter: On Saturday, June 3, 2017, Pope Francis spoke to the tens of thousands of faithful who gathered at the Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy.  They were there to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  Here is the text of his speech.

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WOCCR Team Announces New Website

Newsletter: The Western Oregon Catholic Charismatic Renewal (WOCCR) Team is celebrating a significant accomplishment.  Today, we are launching version 3.0 of our website -- a totally redesigned site for our visitors and members.  It includes a number of significant, new features including a redesign of the Home page and many other updates.

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WOCCR Website Now Accepts Donations

Newsletter: The WOCCR website has just added capability to accept "donations" from our visitors.  This is an new feature that was built into the development of version 3.0 of this website.  Try it out!  I think that you will find that it is an easy and convenient way to make donations to WOCCR.

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